What makes Palm Millennium Corporation unique is having the same elements of the great fortune 500 companies of today including intellectual property rights and trend-setting applications in business. 

     The Palm Millennium network of companies minimizes financial waste as we work with a collaborative base with major production studios from New York to California.  Our team has the skill to focus on world-class media with individual attention backing our community production from start to finish. 

     It is imperative to the survival of the greater world that a network and multi-media company such as Palm Millennium exists. The idea is simply experienced technology companies, studio engineers, musicians, producers, and businessmen and woman working together with the endeavor to unite production teams who have the same mission to produce positive media that is genuinely edifying for the building up of our nation's families. Communication is powerful; We at Palm Millennium intend to use our gifts to bless this nation.   

     Our current line up of products to be purchased will be through Amazon, and ‘My World’ service vendors for 2019.  These include what is sure to be a future New York Times bestseller ' Judah: A story about a girl',  and 'The Five Principles To Secure House' .  The products to be sold will include memorabilia for our talent.  The musical artist Greg Streeter, Steven Joseph and Daniel Paris of the band ‘Servant’ will produce their debut album ‘She makes me happy’ through Palm corp.  January of 2019 at our New York City studio.

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